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Old/Other Charting Templates--Scott Born, Stu Harder, Owen White

Recovered from the Internet Archive

These templates and their chronology are primarily of historical value

For newest versions of templates by Stuart Harder see Stuart Harder Charting Templates


Other:MS Excel Standard Charting Template_v5 (xls) (486 KB)

Found at Owen White's website--EDSPE Classroom Measurement and Management




Excel Acceleration Calculator

Charter Day School / Roger Bacon Academy Public charter school

Baker Mitchell

Leland, NC






IMPORTANT NOTES about the templates--READ before downloading

6/22/07--Incompatibility with Open Access Spreadsheets

The Excel Charting templates are NOT compatible with OpenOffice Calc, and will not perform or chart correctly if used with that application. This is due to incompatibilities in visual basic language used in the macro programming of OpenOffice vs. Microsoft applications.


6/24/07 If you have problems opening or other with the templates, please let us know so that we can check out the file and leave a note for other users.

Please note

* the file name of the template, ex: SCCFB_dcpm_v7_1,

* the version of Excel that you are using, ex: Excel 2003,

* the operating system of your computer, ex: Windows XP, ex: MacOS 8, and

* SPECIFIC problems with the template, ex: "Excel shuts down", or "can't open file with "corrupted file" message", etc.




SCC_Successive_v1-1 SCC Successive Timings chart/Timings Chart

175.1 KB MACRO (similar to Tpmin-4EC Timings Chart).

SCC_Successive v1.1 (2/20/03)

(xlt format)


History of this Excel Standard Celeration Chart



Std_Chrt_Template_v47 Basic, small-file SCC daily per-minute chart

303.6 KB MACRO (similar to Dpmin-11EC)

4.7 (2/3/03)

(xlt format)


History of this Excel Standard Celeration Chart


SCCFBdpm_VRF v2.39 SCC daily-per-minute chart adjusted for VARIABLE RECORD FLOORS

with automatic celeration and bounce calculation and plotting

503.8 KB, MACRO

SCCFBdpm_VRF v2.39 (2/19/03)

(xlt format)


History of this Excel Standard Celeration Chart



SCCFBdpm v4.3 SCC daily per-minute chart with automatic celeration and bounce calculation and plotting

420.4 KB, MACRO

SCCFBdpm v4.3 (2/15/03)

(xlt format)


History of this Excel Standard Celeration Chart



SCCFBdpd v2.37 SCC Count-per-day chart with automatic celeration and bounce calculation and plotting

495.6 KB, MACRO

SCCFBdpd v2.37 (2/12/03)

(xlt format)


History of this Excel Standard Celeration Chart



SCCFBcpw v2.36 SCC count-per-week chart with automatic celeration and bounce calculation and plotting

432.6 KB, MACRO

SCCFBcpw v2.36 (2/12/03)

(xlt format)


History of this Excel Standard Celeration Chart



SCCFB_SD_dpm v1.6 SCC Stacked Dots daily per-minute chart with automatic celeration and bounce calculation and plotting


SCCFB_SD_dpm v1.6 (1/29/03)

(xlt format)


History of this Excel Standard Celeration Chart



4/25/08  6/1/2018







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